From now adding background on a section will be fun on WordPress

Background Block for WordPress Gutenberg

Tailor your WordPress site effortlessly with the Background Block. Choose from solid color, gradient, or image as backgrounds, add parallax effects, and define minimum height and padding.

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Look at some demos to get the the idea how the plugin make better your site.

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Here’s what every Background Block plan includes –

  • Solid Color Background.
  • Gradient Background.
  • Image Background.
  • Parallax Effects with Speed.
  • Minimum Height for the section.
  • Padding on the Wrapper.

The Best WordPress

Section Background Plugin

Background Block a product of Plugin Envision. Unleash your creativity and build a website that truly reflects your brand! The Background Block puts you in the design driver’s seat. Customize sections with endless color combinations, gradients, images, and parallax effects. Plus, fine-tune layout elements like height and padding for pixel-perfect results. Get the Background Block now and take your WordPress design to the next level.